My Prayer for the Muslim World :Day-9


Mosul, Iraq

Lord Jesus,

Our heart breaks when we see what’s going on in Iraq. As your compassionate heart was moved during the prophet Jonah’s time for the people in Nineveh, we believe you even weep over Iraq.

Father, we ask that you would bring peace and reconciliation among the Shia and Sunni Muslim communities. We pray that hostility among other ethnic groups would stop.

We ask that you would stop discrimination and persecution among minorities such as, Turkmen, Shabak and Kaka’i.

We ask that, thousands of exiled people most of them Yezidis, who live in camps with little hope of returning to their home villages would find great hope in you. We pray for stability in Iraq, so that the Yezidis and others will be able to return back to their home.

Lord, we ask that in the midst of chaos, you will continue to establish your new Kingdom. We pray that more and more Shia and Sunni Muslims will turn to Jesus as their only Savior and Hope.




My Prayer for the Muslim World : Day-8

Lord we ask that,

You would strengthen many Muslim background believers in the Arab world.

Even in the midst of intense persecution and restriction they would continue to have courage to share their faith with others.

We pray for wisdom to know when to retreat and when to speak up.

We ask that many Muslim background believers like Amaal, who have abandoned their family because they chose to follow you, would find a new family amongst their Christian brothers and sisters. Who would stand beside them and adopt them as theirs.

We pray for more opportunities for young people in the Arab world to learn more about Jesus without fear of persecution.

We pray for political and religious leaders in the Arab world to support freedom for their people to explore and pursue their own understanding of God.


My Prayer for the Muslim: Day -7


The LORD is my strength and my song;

he has given me victory.

This is my God, and I will praise him—

my father’s God, and I will exalt him!

The LORD is a warrior;

Yahweh, is his name! (Ex.13: 2 & 3 )


Lord we thank you for the Afar people in East Africa. We thank you that you have given them unique culture and identity. We thank you that by nature, you have created to be a brave and courageous herdsmen and warriors.

We pray that this nomandic tribe of warrior will surrender their lives to the Yahweh the LORD of mighty warrior, yet—loving and kind full of compassion. May the love of Jesus melt their courageous hearts.

We pray that the few Christians in this tribe will turn into soldiers for you to advance your kingdom of the gospel. But not in their own power but by your power and in your spirit.

Lord, we thank you for the few Afar people who have been following you faithfully and share the Gospel fearlessly. May you increase their joy. May you provide their needs. We pray that Afar people will have more freedom and more influence in the region. Increase their influence. Raise up Godly leaders from this tribe we pray.

We pray that the keys to communicating the message of Jesus clearly to this people will be discovered and shared. So that more of the Afar tribe will worship and follow you as their Mighty warrior and Saviour.


My Prayer for the Muslim world: Day-6


Hope of the Nation, our mighty Father,

Sometimes when we look back history, we are embarrassed and ashamed how Christianity was spread many parts of the world; even in East Africa. Forgive us Lord. We pray that you would heal many hearts that are wounded by imperialist and colonization in East Africa, which often intertwine with mission work. May we learn from their mistakes.

We pray for peace and stability in Sudan, South Sudan Eritrea and Somalia. We pray that violence and civil wars will stop. We pray for reconciliation to take place in many ethnic and political groups.

We pray that you would protect Muslim followers of Isa-al-Masih in East Africa . We pray that you give them great wisdom, to discern as they witness and stay in the Muslim community and in the Mosque.

We pray that you would protect them from syncretism.

We pray that some 80 million Muslims in East Africa who do not know you would come to know you. We pray for your divine intervention even as they fast during this Ramadan. We also ask for more local Christians to continue to be raised up to be an witness in their communities.


My Prayer for the Muslim world Day-5

Our Aba Father, Father of the Fatherless;

We praise you for adopting us as your children. You are the perfect Father. You are slow to anger and rich in love.

We pray today that, the Garibou boys in West Africa, the many that are at schools with Islamic strict rules. That often lead to modern-day child exploitation, trafficking and slavery and have been abused and tortured. We ask for freedom for them. We ask that you would strengthen the West African governments to enforce laws that protect the rights and education of these boys. We pray that the reports of abusive ‘marabouts’ would be followed up and treated with justice.

We pray that those who exploit children under the guise of religion would be exposed and dealt with justly or that their hearts would be convicted of the evil they have been involved in “in the name of Allah”.

We pray for advocates willing to champion the rights of these children and for centers to multiply that can provide boys fleeing from these abusive situations with shelter, medical care, proper nutrition, love and education.


My Prayer for the Muslim World Day-4

West Africa

Almighty God,

We praise you because you sent your Son Jesus. For he was slaughtered, and your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.

We praise you because, many Muslim background believers in the West Africa are drawn to Christ through; the vibrancy of Christian communities , and the impact of Christians schools, orphanages and community development projects. We thank you for these Christian brothers and sisters who are showing Christ’s selfless love to the people around them. We thank you for their obedience to you.

We thank you for the Christians in this country who live out the Gospel in everyday life. May it never turn into a programme or a pragmatic approach of a Christian life.

We rejoice that the Christians in the West Africa are fervent and passionate in their prayer and fasting and in their approach to outreach. May they never loose the power of passionate prayer. Give us the desire to do the same.

We pray for the emerging movements to Christ in West Africa, that they will grow deep and strong in their newfound faith.

We pray for protection from forces of evil represented in Boko Haram. We ask for Saul the Tarsus type conversions among Boko Horam.

We pray that, you would set free the Christians who practice syncretism. Would you sanctify and purify them by your Gospel. We pray that they will have boldness to let go of some of their traditions, customs and culture that are not in line with your Truth.

We pray for those 514 distinct ethnolinguistic people groups that still remain unaware of the reality of Christ, that you would reveal yourself to them. We pray for long term Gospel workers in this region, who will take the Gospel regardless of the risk and difficulties.

So that, One Day with these 514 distinct people groups we would stand before the throne and before the Lamb with multitudes too large to count, from every nation, tribe, people and tongue. And will cry out in worship with a loud voice, “ Salvation to our God, who sits on the throne and to the Perfect sinless Lamb—Jesus Christ”


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My Prayer for the Muslim world -Day 3

30 Days of Prayer

King Jesus,


Today, we stand before you on behalf of West Africa—the Maures of Mauritania.


We thank you for a handful of faithful Christians in this country. May you protect this Remnant to be the light bearer of Jesus Christ in the region.


We pray that this former normadic people will find their way to Jesus as their permanent dwelling Home. May they find you as their eternal Refuge.


We pray that the New Maure believers will grow strong in their faith and in their courage to share it. May they find great joy in sharing your love. We pray that this handful of Christians will be ‘the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing’.


Give them courage when they are afraid.

Give them grace when they face trials and temptations.


We thank you that you gave yourself as a ransom for all nations—including the almost 100& Sunni Muslims in West Africa. We believe that you are longing for more Sunni Muslims to turn to you and worship as their ultimate Redeemer.